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Water softener vs. Water Filter: The Comparison

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Different kinds of water call for different treatment needs. One of the things you have to keep in mind that water has several characteristics, and that these different characteristics call for different ways of treatment. One major point of confusion among consumers is the difference between water softeners and water filters.

While both are designed and crafted in order to improve the quality of the water we drink and use on a daily basis, (water softener reviews and ratings) gives us insights on the differences between the two. Contrary to what plenty of use may believe, water softeners and water filters are not the same, but the two could be incorporated into a single machine for convenience in home use.

Water Softener


Hard water is a problem, as calcium and magnesium deposits could cause pipe corrosion and be unsightly. Water softeners help soften the water by removing these elements. They completely eliminate these ions through ion exchange, replacing these hard ions with softer sodium ones. Another mechanism which is employed by water softeners is through electromagnetic waves, which work by neutralizing these elements in the water before it comes out of the faucet. The main target of water softener are these hard ions, and do not really do anything to remove anything else which may also be deemed harmful to those who are consuming the water.

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Water Filters

            Water Filters, on the other hand make up for what water softeners do not do. Contaminated water is basically found everywhere we may go. As a matter of fact, even the water which we are drinking could actually turn out to be contaminated.

Different places have different kinds of contaminants in their water. Water filters address a huge area of concern, as if water is left unfiltered or untreated, it could cause different kinds of diseases. Water which comes from wells could be contaminated with toxic elements which are found in the ground, such as pesticides used in farms, or gasoline which may be unknowingly seeping into soil, together with other toxic matters. Filtration could be facilitated through Adsorption, Sieving, Ion exchanges, and Biological metabolite transfer.


The water which we may consume on a regular basis, and what we use in our day to day lives have been treated in more ways than one. Water softening and water filtration go hand in hand and are important ways our water has to be processed.

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